23 09 2009

If you have any suggestions or comments for the ADOPT A DEPARTMENT team, you can leave a post here.  We welcome your feedback.

green DShaddow

NOTE FROM THE ‘ADOPT A DEPARTMENT’ TEAM – Co-ordinator: Pamela Donnellan, Website editor: Jan Lamb – Melbourne, Australia.

To Brahma Kumaris NCO‘s

When submitting a content to this website:

  • Please keep text to under 300 words.
  • If you would like to have some images included: E-mail them to: – Send in PC and not MAC format.
  • Keep images sizes under 1mb (one megabite) each,
  • – jpg, tiff or .pdf format
  • – 72dpi resolution
  • RGB or CMYK colour
  • up to 8 images can be included
  • If you wish to email text, send in Microsoft Word format.
  • When submitting an E-mail please be clear about where you are from, your FULL contact details, and which BK Centre you attend.

green DShaddow