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  1. Medicine
  2. Administration [HR, Training and Development, Marketing, Research]
  3. Nursing
  4. Women’s and Child Health [Obstetrics and gynaecology and Paediatrics]
  5. Neuro-psychiatry and De-Addiction
  6. Plastic Surgery
  7. Orthopaedics
  8. Ophthalmology
  9. Holistic Medicine [Alternative Therapies, Outreach and Community Medicine, Social and Spiritual Development
  10. General and Laparoscopic Surgery
  11. Dental Surgery and ENT
  12. Diagnostic Services [Radiology and Pathology]
  13. Anaesthesia and Critical Care
  14. Support Services [Central Sterilisation Department, Bio-medical, Information Systems, Kitchen, Housekeeping, Estate Management]

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